How To Choose A Winter Coat

We’re in the middle of winter, we have snow on the ground and I am regretting not wearing my winter coat today, so we’re going to look at how to choose the right coat for winter with these tips.

Look for quality


When buying a winter coat make sure if it’s a wool blend that the blend is mainly wool. Acrylic won’t keep you as warm and it will give your sweat a funky smell.



Finding a winter coat is not an easy task, so be prepared to shop around, meaning you will see and try on many coats that aren’t right for you.


Be patient


To find the perfect coat you’re going to have to try them all on, meaning a major shopping trip until you find the right one. You can’t find the right one until you’ve tried wearing all of them on right? Make sure this doesn’t end up with you spending all your hard-earned cash just to get out of shopping. Take your time and make sure your decision is a sensible one.


Have enough room for layers


I have tried countless coats where the fit is perfect in the shop but as soon as you put on a woolly jumper the damned thing won’t fit – which isn’t much use for actually wearing when it’s cold. I have tried plenty that have room around the body but none on the arms, meaning anything with sleeves wouldn’t fit under it. This leaves twisted sleeves and all kinds of discomfort.


Know your body


If you are tall and slender you will have the choice of most coats, but if you’re 5’1”, certain styles can stifle you and make you look swamped. Work out what your optimum length is and stick to what you’ve decided. An impulse buy can make you end up looking like you’re a little girl wearing her mum’s coat.



If you don’t have pockets you’re going to have serious practicality issues. You’re going to have nowhere to put your hands in the driving rain and snow and you won’t be able to stash your gloves ion them either when you take it off.



We all want to look stylish, but remember the real reason you’re buying a winter coat., It’s to keep you warm above all else. If you buy an on-trend coat that isn’t particularly warm you’ll quite happily war it for a season, but come next winter you’ll be looking to buy a new one, and possibly fall into the same trap again. Buy a classic style that is above all else warm and you won’t have any buyer’s remorse.

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