Funeral Fashion – What to Wear at a Funeral

Funerals can be sad and stressful events, where families need every help they can. When organising a funeral, it is best to compare multiple funeral directors using a directory service such as LocalFuneral.

This makes sure that the type of funeral corresponds correctly to the dress code.

Due to the sad nature of funerals, the mood must be respected with appropriate attire.

Usually, attendees at a funeral are expected to wear dark colours and conservative outfit styles.

This post aims to help you decide on exactly what outfit fits with the occasion and simultaneously is respectful to the deceased’s family.

Obviously, the attire is entirely dependent on the family’s wishes, but this article aims to give you a general guide on what is the best way to dress for most funerals.


The tradition is that funeral outfits should be black or very dark coloured. If you do decide not to wear black, make sure to choose a dark tone such as navy blue or dark grey instead.

Bright colours should be avoided at all costs, this can be viewed as disrespectful unless the family have specifically outlined that the attire includes bright coloured clothing.


The style for funerals are usually quite conservative and the best option is to stick with formal wear such as suits, skirts and dresses. This will avoid giving the impression that it is a “going out” outfit.

It is best to choose plain dark clothing over patterned outfits. Anything too eye catching can be perceived as being disrespectful.

This is the general style for funerals where the family have not specified a particular dress code that they would like to see.

Some families have a certain theme that they are going for and therefore the style of clothing their guests choose will be dependent on this theme.

If you have not been told a dress code, it is best to stick to the traditional and expected style for funerals that has been outlined.

You can find and purchase a range of plain, dark coloured formal wear on lots of online fashion stores including Asos.


Accessories such as shoes should be chosen with the previous ideas of respect in mind. Choosing a colour of footwear that matches the rest of your outfit and is comfortable is the best idea.

Again, when deciding what tie to pair with your suit, it is best to not choose anything with bright colours or bold patterns as this could be disrespectful to the deceased’s family.

Instead choose a plain and dark coloured tie that matches the rest of your outfit.

Make Up

For those of you who tend to wear make-up, it is recommended to choose a more natural and non-dramatic make-up look for funerals. This is the best idea as any other choice of make-up could be perceived as disrespectful and imply that the occasion is more of a “going out” event than a somber occasion.

There are lots of Youtube make-up tutorials on how to do your make-up for a funeral.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in choosing appropriate and respectful funeral attire.



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